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Ducted or Split System: Which is better?

Air conditioning & heating systems not only make your home more comfortable, but they can also increase the value and appeal to potential buyers. Installing the right type of heating and cooling system for your home is important to ensure that it functions efficiently and lasts many years. So which is better for your home, a ducted or split system unit?

Split System

A split system is an air conditioning system where part of the system (the condenser) is located outside the house, usually on an external wall. The rest of the system (the head unit) is located inside, normally fixed to an interior wall or as a floor-standing unit.

Split systems are ideal for apartments or double story dwellings where installing ducting between the levels is impossible. It is also a great option for small apartments or homes that require cooling or heating in a small individual space. 

The main advantage of a split system unit is that it is generally cheaper to install and run, and can be installed in one part of the house at a time as your budget allows. That said, the disadvantage is that it cools only the zone where it is installed – multiple units are required to cool different rooms.

Ducted System

ducted system differs from a split system in that the entire unit is concealed, usually in the roof space of your property or housed unobtrusively outside the property. The cooled air is then directed to multiple rooms or zones within the building via a system of concealed ducting. Only the vents are visible.

The primary advantage of a ducted system is that it will be able to control the temperature throughout all of your home. Some ducted systems can even be zoned, allowing you to control the temperature in different areas separately.

A ducted system is generally more expensive than a split system, but can be a better investment if you plan to stay in the same home for the long term. The units are generally quieter and more efficient once installed, and newer systems can be controlled by wifi or mobile devices.

Which Should You Choose?

The best air conditioning system for you really depends on your lifestyle, budget, property layout and limitations of the property. Contact us today to discuss the pros and cons of each and help decide which is best for you.

We now have the availability of controlling your air conditioning and heating system remotely using Wifi and apps. So if you’re local come in and talk to us more about these options.

We’re situated in Mittagong, NSW so we can supply air conditioning and heating systems throughout the Southern Highlands.