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The Rinnai Energysaver Range

There are two main benefits that make a Rinnai Energysaver gas heater a great choice. The first is in regards to your health.

There are many gas heaters on the market that are un-flued. While legal, these heaters pose potential health risks that are eliminated by choosing a flued gas heater. NSW Health advises making the choice for flued over un-flued heaters given the risks involved.

The second benefit is in the name. The Energysaver literally saves energy! Almost unrivalled as a cost effective heating solution, these heaters run at a minimum efficiency rating of 4.8 stars

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency rating, reducing your heating costs
  • Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room
  • Power flue design allows for flexible installation, with multiple options to suit your home
  • Full electronic thermostatic control that allows you to select a desired temperature which is then maintained by the heater
  • Child lock prevents unwanted access
  • Available in both Natural Gas and LPG

Additional Features

  • Dual Digital Timers allow for on and off programming for both mornings and evenings
  • Pre-heat Mode ensures your room reaches a comfortable temperature by the time programmed
  • Economy Mode allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour when set temperature is reached. Reduces running costs with no noticeable change in temperature
  • Auto off function operates when the minimum heat setting of the heater still has too much heat output to maintain the set temperature. If the auto-off feature is activated, the heater would turn off rather than heat the room above the set

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