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If you’d want your air conditioning system to perform better, routine maintenance is essential. By some estimates, regular air conditioning maintenance may help maintain 95% of your air conditioner’s initial operational efficiency and performance. This leads to numerous benefits – such as fewer ac repairs, relatively lower humidity levels, and improved energy efficiency. We’ll explore some of these advantages in greater detail below…


Longer Operational Life

Just like any major equipment, routine service will prolong your system’s operational life. Although there is a limit to the duration any model can last, the proper amount of care and attention will make sure that you get the most of your given air conditioning system. Don’t forget that a single malfunctioning or faulty part might result in stress on other components. Generally speaking, the sooner you resolve it, the better your system will operate.

Improved Energy Efficiency

As you might know, routine servicing of your AC will help it function more efficiently. In most cases, dirty condenser coils, any clogged air filters, and other issues mean that the system needs to work harder to perform its job. In turn, it will end up consuming more energy. So, if you own an efficient air conditioning system, you will not only increase your energy bill, but you will also leave a bigger carbon footprint on your environment. On the other hand, regular service will translate into savings on both your energy bill and conscience.

Reduced Air Conditioning Repairs

You might have experienced this before: your air conditioning system seems to be working just fine, but – out of the blue – the whole systems stops operating. Suddenly, you realised you need some expensive emergency repairs. In most cases, these repairs could be avoided or managed through regular service and maintenance.

Once you call FRH to service your particular air conditioning system, our technician will inspect for worn-down or damaged components and recommend their prompt replacement. Similarly, cleaning certain parts, including the filters and condenser, will ultimately prolong the life of different components and eliminate the need to replace them.

Improved Air Quality

n case you have any doubts about whether your system is purifying the air in your particular environment, open up its front panel and check out the filter. Usually, unless it has been cleaned much recently or is brand new, you will find lots of dust built up in that filter. Generally speaking, the more dust that builds up, the less effective the filter is at cleaning the air that gets through it.

Routine service ensures that the filter is functioning as well as it should be. Besides, this lowers internal deficiencies caused by the accumulation of dust and debris. However, it also means that everyone inside that place is breathing cleaner air. Why call FRH?

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FRH is a family-run business with 30+ years of experience. Besides having an experienced team, we are well known in the community, highly reliable, and friendly. The frequency in which you have your AC serviced will depend on a few factors, such as the model, its use, and its age. At FRH, we recommend having your system serviced twice every year, based on the frequency of use and environment.

FRH operates across Australia’s Southern Highlands area. Call us now to schedule your air conditioning maintenance – 0248721550

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