Solar Hot Water

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Solar hot water systems are a common element of quite a few significant energy savings programs. Solar water heating systems can help reduce the amount of electricity you are required to use by up to 80% and your carbon footprint will be lowered, making it the right step for almost everyone.


Evacuated tube solar hot water systems

These are available in either electric or gas with long life vitreous enamel carbon steel or stainless-steel storage tanks and an evacuated tube collector manifold consisting of a number of specially designed solar tube collector mounted on the roof of your home that absorbs the heat from the sun and transfers it to the ground floor.

The number of tubes to be evacuated and the amount of the tank are customized to your needs based on the size of the tank it’s available in a range of sizes for every family, small, large or even someplace in between.

Benefits of Solar hot water:

  • Easy installation on the roof
  • Low visual impact
  • Weight on your roof is kept to a minimum
  • Huge reduction in Energy to heat the water in your home
  • Storage tanks can be installed internally or externally
  • Superb high efficiency evacuated tubes with frost protection down to -12°C
  • Lightweight roof mounted components for ease of installation
  • Available with a stainless steel or vitreous enamel carbon steel tank
  • Ground level tank minimises the impact on the aesthetics of your roof
  • Option of a gas or electric booster for those cloudy days
  • Evacuated tubes and storage tank do not need to be installed at the same time, the tanks and tubes are available separately.

Grid Connected PV Solar

Grid-connected PV solar power is like having a generator on your roof.

When the PV solar is sized correctly and working properly, it provides all of your home’s utilities and appliances with power as long as you’re in the sunshine. If ever there’s not enough power being created in the wind vane, tradeoff energy is going to be imported from the grid, it’s automatic and it functions seamlessly.

After making too much solar power, the excess power is expelled from your meter box and credited against your power bill. This is the most cost-effective type of PV solar energy due to the fact that it is simple to install and low costs are beginning to balance out. Government grants are still available for PV solar, and active utilities are entering an energy retail market through feed-in tariffs.

  • Quality equipment has never been more affordable
  • Create and use your own power.
  • You use much less electricity, and you only pay for what you use.
  • Maintain a secure lifestyle knowing that your expenses are consistently reduced
  • Minimise your power bill and gain some independence from your energy provider.

Grid Connected Solar PV with Storage

Excess solar power can be stored for use in the evening using grid-connected storage.

This system integrates a PV solar system, batteries, and an intelligent management system to operate all of the separate parts as one. The PV Solar system powers the house during the day, sending the surplus to the batteries and the extra to the grid.

Although these systems are highly efficient, their cost is still quite expensive, but the price goes down constantly. There is a solution to this, and you should opt for Grid-Connected Solar PV with the established storage stage later if you have enough equity in the system and the price of batteries has decreased significantly.

  • Gain independence from the grid supply – staying connected so they can pay you!
  • Keep your existing solar PV system and add batteries and management later.
  • Use battery power during the day instead of using peak grid power tariffs
  • Save on power bills
  • Generate and use your own power.

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